We are a USA based manufacturer of the advanced ReliTouch and NextBolt lines of biometric and PIN code locks. In addition we have distribution and franchise locations all over the world. 

Actuator Systems manufactures a number of consumer products sporting the latest technology. Our latest technology is the new 2013 line of fingerprint locks called the ReliTouch. Our biometric locks are by far the best selling biometric deadbolts in North America.

US Based Actuator Systems is revolutionizing the security industry by bringing the latest technology to consumers at game changing low prices. As a manufacturer we can break new ground for both quality and ease of use while maintaining price points that make our technology accessible to anyone. Contact us today and allow us to introduce you to our advanced product lines.

Our products are designed to protect your home, your valuables and most importantly your family.

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Our Latest Products

Our Products

  • eOn RTE-302 Biometric Ethernet Enabled lock in Satin Chrome eOn Communications and Actuator Systems are proud to announce the eOn RTE-302 Biometric Ethernet Enabled lock in satin Chrome. This PoE (Power over …

  • eOn RTE-MS1A - User Management Suite Professional (WINDOWS) The eOn RTE-MS1A - User Management Suite Professional (WINDOWS) is a user friendly software system designed to communicate with the eOn RTE-302. Thi…

  • eOn RTE-302 one extra user license for the eOn RTE-MS1A The eOn RTE-S1A Provides one extra user license for the eOn RTE-MS1A so you can have a second computer with the ability to sync your databases and w…

Reseller Program

  • Become a reseller: As easy as it can get, just fill out our application form by clicking the reseller menu item or call 1(800)408-7101 x103 (Office Hours 10am - 5pm EST) to get started today!.Easy to use Product Data Feeds!: Once you are approved as an authorized reseller we provide you with full access to our data feeds and our web kit. Most eCommerce systems are supported. Let us do the work for you!

Reseller Program
Fingerprint Locks Key Features

Key Features

  • Our biometric products offer the latest technology and are engineered in central Florida, USA.

  • We make products you use every day! Once you become accustomed to quickly getting in and out of your home you will never want to go without a biometric lock.

  • Easy control of the access by allowing its owner to add or delete up to 1000 different users.

  • Secured access and secured storage utilizing the latest in digital technologies.

  • Elegant and contemporary appearance.

  • Our NextBolt line of fingerprint deadbolt locks install in 5 minutes with just a screw driver. Maintenance free, completely weatherproof and very simple to use.

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