**Discontinued** Audit Trail (ATU) Upgrade Testimonials

**Discontinued** Audit Trail (ATU) Upgrade


The Audit Trail User software – ATU

The ATU allows you to download all access reports from the ReliTouch RT-201 using the Audit Trail Flash Drive.

The optional Audit Trail software – ATU comes with a Flash Drive and will record all access information from your ReliTouch series of biometric locks.

The Audit Trail software clearly shows the date, time, person who entered the door, and what operation they performed. The Audit Trail software provides excellent tracking information and is exportable to an MS Access-based Excel sheet quickly and easily.

Simply plug the flash drive into the ReliTouch series of biometric locks and instantly download up to 1 GB of keyless door lock information. Then you can download the records to your PC.

ATU Includes: Audit Trail software and 1GB Flash Drive. (Does not include the RUMS Scanner)

This product is currently out of stock. It will be back on stock on 12/31/2030.