**Now the Westinghouse RTS** ReliTouch RT-205SC Testimonials

**Now the Westinghouse RTS** ReliTouch RT-205SC

Now the Westinghouse RTS


The Next Generation of ReliTouch called the Westinghouse RTS  is here and they are available today.  Please refer to the link below to read about the new RTS series. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ReliTouch RT-205SC is no longer being manufactured and will not be restocked. 

These units are *fully compatible* but thinner, made in the USA and much more advanced than the existing Relitouch series locks. These new units are the Westinghouse RTS series and they are available now.

For more information please contact Westinghouse Security at 800-916-3985 or email them at info@westinghousesecurity.com


These units have a direct replacement - The Westinghouse RTS. These new model locks are now available.

To read more about the new Westinghouse RTS series you can visit: https://www.westinghousesecurity.com/rts/

This product is currently out of stock. It will be back on stock on 10/24/2024.