**Now Westinghouse Security MS1 Professional Suite ** ReliTouch User Management Suite Professional v3(Windows) RUMS Testimonials

**Now Westinghouse Security MS1 Professional Suite ** ReliTouch User Management Suite Professional v3(Windows) RUMS

Now Westinghouse Security MS1 Professional Suite

ReliTouch User Management Suite Professional v3(Windows) RUMS has been replaced by the Westinghouse Security MS1 Professional Suite.

The MS1 Professional Suite works with the RTS series locks by Westinghouse Security and is compatible with the ReliTouch RT-201.

To learn more: https://www.westinghousesecurity.com/locks-ms1-professional-suite-56/


***Special Note: If you want to mix and match Relitouch and the new Westinghouse RTS series locks. (The Westinghouse RTS are the next generation of the Relitouch and are more advanced) you must use the MS1 version of the software. You can read about the MS1 here: https://www.westinghousesecurity.com/locks-ms1-professional-suite-56/ and if you would like to read more about the new RTS series of compatible locks from Westinghouse click here: https://www.westinghousesecurity.com/rts/
The MS1 version has all the features shown below and a considerable number of additional ones. 

The RUMS enrollment system and audit trail software package allows administrators to register 1 to 1000 users’ fingerprints and/or PIN-codes at one centralized PC. With RUMS you have total access control; to assign rights and times for individual users and groups for an individual lock or multiple locks from your PC.

Using a USB fingerprint scanner and the ease of an USB Flash drive you are able to transfer your data in seconds to your locks. When enrollment is complete you can upload the access control rights to the flash drive and bring the flash drive to the lock to program the lock. Windows software (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server Compatible); an external fingerprint reader and a USB flash drive are included in the package. Some of the latest features include automatic updating, self-healing drivers, Enterprise friendly features, Advanced record management, Lock, User and Group creation wizards, easily copy groups of users between single locks or groups of locks and much more.

The RUMS allows you to:

1. Manage users for one or more locks, including adding fingerprints, PIN codes and which lock(s) an individual user has access too, entry times and more.

2. View and analyze audit trails from any lock in your network at your PC.

3. Quickly copy information to new locks saving you time and money.

4. Backup and Restore all of your locks databases.

5. Edit global lock settings for each lock including global access times and much more.

6. Easily transfer data from your locks via a USB Flash drive that is included in your software package. A USB Fingerprint scanner is also included that allows you to quickly add new users right from your PC at your desk.

7. Allows each lock to have a different set of 1,000 users and allows you to cut and paste individual users or even groups of users to any lock in seconds.

The ReliTouch User Management Suite – RUMS is compatible with the data from all earlier editions of the software. Version 3 is *only* compatible with the Actuator Systems USB fingerprint scanners that use the green LED sensor. If you purchased your PCMU or RUMS software after 01/01/2011 you should have a green USB sensor that is compatible.

Once purchased you will receive the unlock code in an email automatically.

You can install a 30 day free trial version by clicking this link:


You can view a setup and installation guide for the software here:


You can provide the unlock code anytime within the 30 day trial or after the free trial is over.

New features for RUMS after version 2 include:

1. Automatic upgrades and bug fixes with no user interaction. I.e. Updates are now automatic; no need to uninstall and backup data as before.

2. Includes suggestions, helpful hints and tips for virtually every menu option in the software.

3. More advanced handling and automatic cleanup of fingerprint data during enrollment.

4. Much smaller data footprint both for the software and data.

5. Creating new locks and users with a wizard rather than an open form.

6. Much faster screen updates and scrolling through users.

7. Windows software (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Server Compatible

8. The same edition is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows.

9. Same RUMS version works with any green scanner model we've shipped (models 7131 and 0305) and you can switch scanners on the fly. Scanner can now be plugged in after the software has loaded.

10. New software can handle new features in the locks as we add them with the same database.

This product is currently out of stock. It will be back on stock on a later date.